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We are a leading provider of complex IT solutions since 1991

We protect your values.

  • Our vision is to be one of the leading companies in field of IT security solutions.
  • We deliver innovative solutions that are supported by quality and professional services. We are building a company to be a leader in cybersecurity as well as the safety of manufacturing systems. At the same time, we are an innovative partner with our own business process support solutions based on mobile technologies as well as solutions for common users.
  • When designing solutions, we put emphasis on the use of modern technologies and agile design practices to deliver our clients the desired result in maximum possible quality. The most important part of our philosophy is symbiosis of proven practices and innovative ideas. We put great portion of emphasis on dynamic cooperation between team of experienced professionals and young creative team members in junior positions.

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We collaborate with TOP companies in tech industry

Protecting your values


Our company ensures professional approach and top quality services


EMM Business Breakfast

Business breakfast dedicated to important topic „Personal Data Legal Protection“

5. May 2017

Bank account number change

Account number changes effective as of 01.01.2017

13. April 2017
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