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Our customers appreciate the special attention we pay to quality of our technical support. It is part of our customer service and is provided through our certified staff trained to manage the latest technology of our key partners. We can provide extra services based on signed technical support contracts, for our clients who require more specific requirements, such as regular technological prophylactics, guarantee elimination of defects at agreed times or any other required supplementary services.

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Support and service requests guideliness:

  1. Support and service requests should be registered via EMM portal (contractual partners)
  2. For non contractual partners or in case of EMM portal shutdowns, please send your requests
    via support and service form
    or via e-mail. Please use following email adress (IT system support and service:, security systems support and service: you can use written form by filling in support and service form and sending it to EMM, spol. s r.o., Servis BS / Servis IS, Sekurisova 16, 841 02 Bratislava 42.
  3. Phone request are accepted in emergency cases only at +421 (2) 3211 3777. Ex post electronic request (e-mail or support and service form) must be submitted. For purpose of service quality improvements, phone conversations on aforementioned phone number may be rerecorded.
  4. EMM, spol. s r.o. sends an email with evidence number , which serves as your service and support request confirmation. Evidence number serves as an identification for all subsequent communication between you and our employees during the solving phase. In case you have not received evidence number within one hour, please contact the following phone numbers +421 (2) 3211 3777 claiming fault in support and service request procedure. Request delivery time is arbitrary for all disputatious cases.
  5. The conditions for warranty application is a proof of delivery note by the purchaser along with a defect description. The date of receipt of the product for warranty service shall be the date of delivery of the product and the delivery note in the place of performance of warranty repairs. The date of receipt of the product to non-warranty repairs shall be the date of delivery of the product and a written order to the headquarters of the company operating the service EMM, spol. s.r.o. The place of performance of warranty repairs service offices are the headquarters company EMM, spol. s.r.o., or the seat of its contractual service partners, if the purchase agreement stipulates otherwise.

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5. May 2017

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13. April 2017
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